About Us

About Our Institution

Located in one of the biggest industrial metropolis of City of Ahmedabad, Paldi. ICD Academy stands as a hallmark of education. It is an educational community where students of various religions and cultural backgrounds study and work together in a congenial atmosphere. The academy is geared to provide maximum scholastic benefit to each individual student.
We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves for imparting Vocational Courses to Girls & Boys at Ahmedabad. Thousands of students are being trained through Practical & Theoretical knowledge every year.
The academy seeks to contribute to student an education through curriculum design, the development of new courses and the application of a forward looking and innovative teaching methodology.

Our Mission

This academy has onus of transforming life of people of Ahmedabad in particular and western part of the country in general through quality education and programs of Socio-Economic and Scientific Development. The academy has responsibility to establish high standards of teaching and research. It pledges to promote innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to make education relevant and meaningful. It aims to produce responsible, knowledge-rich citizens who should provide leadership and direction to the society in future. This academy strives to play an important role in Industrial and Business Development, Environment awareness and Quality improvement also. The academy has the responsibility to study biodiversity, natural resources and cultural-heritage of this area.

Our Vision

For almost ten years ICD Academy has been the light house for all those seeking wisdom through higher education. Established in 2006, it has not looked back. In an effort to cater to the students needs at par with global demands, the academy is utilizing its special facilities to offer courses such as M.Sc. in Biotechnology, Environmental Science and Micro-biology, which can enable committed scholars to make a mark for themselves in teaching and research in the fields of Bio-chemistry, Tissue-culture, Genetic Engineering, Environmental Management, Molecular Biology and Immunology - a formidable away of prospects for the earnest seeker.

Salient Features

  1. The Society firmly believes in child-centered education and attempts to offer a unique opportunity for the optimum development of child through using the teachers training method. In order to ensure that every child get proper well systematic education through trained teachers.
  2. A close link and contact is maintained with the student and their whole heated involvement in the training to get their better Prosperous future.
  3. Effective emphasis is laid on the inculcation of eternal moral values which are so profoundly enshrined in our rich Culture and heritage.
  4. The teachers and the employees of our centers are highly qualified and expert in their fields.
  5. The Society Collaborates and promotes communications with other organizations concerned directly with early childhood education training programme and other educational programme.